Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

3 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with Apple Pay

This growing Apple Pay payment method is something most popular Bitcoin exchanges are beginning to start implementing. This post will give you a review of a couple of the best options that users can presently use for using Apple Pay to purchase Bitcoin.

Summary of purchasing Bitcoin with Apple Pay

The easiest way of buying Bitcoin using Apple Pay is probably via Coinmama. Below are the steps:

  • Sign up for a bitcoin wallet
  • Visit Coinmama websites and choose the volume of Bitcoin you’d like to purchase, then click on the “Buy Now” button.
  • Finish the KYC (Know Your Customer) process
  • Paste the address to your Bitcoin wallet
  • Choose Apple Pay as the method of purchasing.
  • Finish the purchase

That is all! If you’d like to know more about other exchanges that accept Apple Pay, continue reading.

Purchasing Bitcoin using Apple Pay via Coinmama


  • Available worldwide
  • Excellent customer care
  • Well respected in the industry.


  • High fees
  • Some states in the US aren’t supported.

Coinmama is a crypto exchange that’s been in existence since 2015, and people from 188 countries can use it. Coinmama is popular for giving users the chance to pursue BTC via credit cards, and now it accepts Apple Pay. It’s easy to use this platform, and coins are sent immediately after payment.

Even though its fees are quite high, they’re still competitive when you use Apple Pay as a mode of payment when you consider other factors like market premiums.

Coinmama: How to Use

  • Get a Bitcoin wallet.
  • Choose the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to purchase on their website.
  • Select “Buy,”
  • Input your details, then do an identity verification using a photo ID. With Coinmama, verification should only take some hours.
  • Input your BTC address to the box
  • Choose your purchase method, which is Apple Pay.
  • Finish the purchase

Purchasing Bitcoin using Apple Pay via Paxful


  • Absence of purchasing fees


  • Low purchase limit
  • High seller premiums

Paxful is a p2p (peer to peer) crypto company that was established in 2015. It connects sellers and buyers of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies via a wide array of payment methods, which includes Apple Pay.

There aren’t any fees attached to purchasing crypto from Paxful. Never there’ll sometimes be a premium that the seller will charge more than the current market price.

It also isn’t worth anything that like every peer-to-peer service, it’s necessary to evaluate the credibility of individual sellers – not just the platform’s credibility alone.

Paxful: How to Use

  • Sign up for an account and verify your info
  • Choose Apple Pay as your mode of payment
  • Select the currency you’d like your exchange rate to be in.
  • Look for offers, choose a seller, then click on “Buy.”
  • Input the amount you’d like to purchase.
  • Follow the payment instructions, then click on “Mark as paid.”
  • The person selling will send the Bitcoin into your Paxful wallet.

Purchase Bitcoin using Apple Pay via Exodus Wallet


  • There can be in-app purchases.
  • Easy to use


  • Isn’t available in several countries
  • Max purchase limit is low.

Exodus is a very user-friendly wallet that’s the best for beginners. It has been in existence since 05 and supported purchases via Apple Pay on their iOS app most recent version, and has a limit of 250 dollars. One can only buy Bitcoin using fiat currency on Exodus in about forty countries globally.

Exodus: How to Use

  • Install the Exodus app on your device
  • Start the app and hover to the “Profile” tab
  • Click on “Buy Bitcoin”
  • Choose the volume of Bitcoin that you’d like to purchase. Check the volume of Bitcoin you’ve selected multiple times, then click on “Pay.”
  • Confirm your purchase through Apple Pay.
  • You should see the BTC almost immediately in your Exodus wallet.

Conclusion – How can I choose the exchange to use?

Since there are still not too many Bitcoin buying options using Apple, it is a little bug easy to choose the exchange to use. If you are in the US and would like to purchase huge amounts of Bitcoins securely and quickly, your best bet is Coinmama. For users in the United States that would like to purchase huge amounts and seamless transactions, their best bet is Exodus. If you are in all other parts of the world, Paxful is a great option.

Have you purchased Bitcoin via Apple Pay? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.