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Buy Bitcoin – 6 Ways to Buy Bitcoin with a Debit Card

It has been quite easy to purchase bitcoin with the use of a debit card in the past couple of years since the Bitcoin exchanges anti-fraud system was introduced. Nevertheless, it is quite costly to operate these systems; that’s the reason exchanges will normally charge a fee if you want to purchase Bitcoin using a debit card.

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The swiftest way of buying Bitcoin using a debit card is via, and the steps are:

  • Go to their website,
  • Input a deposit amount
  • Finish the process of identity verification
  • Input your bitcoin address
  • Finish the payment using your debit card

There are other ways of buying Bitcoin, and that’s what we’ll be talking about now.

Where to buy Bitcoin using a Debit Card

Well, as it sounds, it isn’t as easy to purchase Bitcoin with your debit card. A couple of exchanges are scared of frauds, and that is the reason they do not accept debit cards. Nevertheless, several exchanges have begun to implement services for detecting fraud, so they’re keeping on to debit and credit card purchases now.

As it should be, all exchanges that accept debit cards will also accept credit cards. If you aren’t sure of a particular exchange, you can simply check its name on Google including + “payment methods” in the query, and you should see a review that covers the payment methods accepted by that exchange.


  • Hugh buying limits
  • Reputable company


  • The exchange rate is relatively high.
  • Available countries are limited. provides you with brokerage services and trading services. If you are just beginning, you’ll likely want to make use of a brokerage service then pay more fees. Nevertheless, if you’re familiar with how it is done you can always simply deposit money via your debit cards, then purchase Bitcoin on the trading platform of the company and a fee that’s way lower.

Purchasing bitcoins using a debit card via

  • Go to their website and register.
  • Click on “finance,” then “deposit” (ensure you choose your currency).
  • Fund your account with your debit card
  • If you’d like to make haw od the expensive but easy brokerage service, click on “buy/sell.”
  • If you’d like to make use of the cheap buy complex service, click on “trade,” then choose currencies like BTC/USD.



  • Excellent support
  • Good for beginners


  • It takes a long period of time to withdraw your coins.
  • Availability of limited countries.

If you deal in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies simply for price speculation, the cheapest and easiest option for you to purchase Bitcoins is going to be via eToro. It supplies a wide array of cryptocurrency services like an exchange, crypto mobile wallets trading platforms, and CFD services.

Anytime you purchase Bitcoin via eToro, you will be required to wait and undergo lots of steps before you withdraw them to your wallet. This means if you would like to just hold BTC in your wallet just for payment or for investing long term, then this is likely not the suitable method for you.

It is important for you to know that money is lost by 75 percent of retail investor accounts when they use this provider to trade CFD. You need to consider if you’ll be able to risk losing your money. Users from the United States can not use CFDs.

The volatility of crypto-assets is high and is an investment product with no regulation. No investor protection by the European Union.



  • Respectable company
  • Fast turnaround
  • Good support


  • Limited countries in the United States

Coinmama offers a seamless way of purchasing Bitcoin using a debit card while they charge a fee. This company was launched in 2013 and supplies several cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin. This company has recently improved its customer care excellently and possesses one of the swiftest turnarounds in the industry for buying Bitcoins.

Purchasing bitcoin using a debit card via Coinmama.

  • Go to their website and select the amount of Bitcoin you’d like to purchase.
  • Register on the website and do an identity verification
  • Get a Bitcoin address and wallet as Coinmama doesn’t hold BTC for you)
  • Give Coinmama your Bitcoin address.
  • Finish debit card info
  • They’ll instantly send the coins.



  • Established reputation
  • Relatively low fees
  • User-friendly interface


  • Their support isn’t fast.

Coinbase is a popular bitcoin broker in the industry that offers the option of buying bitcoin using a credit or debit card on their exchange.

Using your debit card to buy the coins has a fee of 3.99 percent applied. Know that you’ll be required to upload an ID issued by the government for identity proof before you’ll be able to purchase coins.

Purchasing bitcoins using a debit card via Coinbase:

  • Move to “settings,” then “payment methods,” then click on “add a payment method.”
  • Connect your debit card
  • Confirm the card
  • Click on “buy/sell,” then choose the volume of BTC you’d like to purchase



  • Multiple payout options
  • Intuitive interface
  • Low fees


  • More suitable for countries in the EU

This company was launched in October 2014. And it offers EU residents and people from a couple of other countries the chance to purchase Bitcoins and many other cryptocurrencies via an array of payment methods (SEPA, Skrill, Neteller, and many more). For verified accounts, the daily limit is 2,500 euros and 300,000 euros every month when you buy with a credit card. When you use other payment options, they have a daily limit of 10,000 euros and a monthly limit of 300,000 euros.

Purchasing bitcoins using a debit card via Bitpanda:

  • Go to their website and register.
  • Select a cryptocurrency you’d like to purchase (for example, Bitcoin).
  • Select the payment provider, which is “Visa/Mastercard.”
  • Input the amount you’d like to purchase
  • Press the “Next step” button
  • Confirm the order



  • Excellent support
  • A very old and reputable exchange


  • A lengthy verification process
  • Not too user friendly

This is a Bitcoin exchange that’s fully licensed and has been in existence since 2011. On the site, what it majorly offers is its trading services. Nevertheless, they also have the brokerage option where you can directly sell your BTC when you purchase with your debit card.

You’ve got to make use of 3D Secure to complete your order. A couple of banks will likely consider your deposit with a credit card as a cash advance. In that case, the debit card or bank provider will likely charge more fees. People from the EU and the US can operate here, and it also has a developing presence in Asia.

Purchasing Bitcoins using a debit card via Bitstamp:

  • Go to their website and register.
  • Go to “Deposit”
  • Select “Credit Card” as your mode of payment. This also works with a debit card
  • Use your debit card to deposit money.
  • After you’ve made the deposit, move to “Buy/Sell,” then select “Buy BTC.”
  • Input the amount you’d like to purchase and select “Buy BTC.”

Conclusion – is buying Bitcoin using a debit card safe?

In as much as you are making use of a trusted exchange, it is totally safe to use your debit card to purchase Bitcoins. One thing I’d like to advise you is to not leave the Bitcoin on the exchange after purchasing them, but take them to your wallet.

Take note that while it can be convenient to make use of a debit card, it is also more costly. I’d you see purchasing a relatively high volume of coins, and you’ve got the option, I’d suggest you always use a bank Transfer. Nevertheless, if you’re not piecing a huge volume, it’s sometimes worth it to spend that extra 3 to 5 percent to save time.

If you’ve got any comments or questions about this process, you can leave all of them in the comments section.